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About the Project One Man One Beach
One man ..... and one beach. This will be the focal point of marine painter Ken Zier the next year in which the artist from southern Jutland has decided to make a painting once a week from the same beach. An idea that has been underway for several years and that will be followed up by a book published by the end of the project in autumn 2013. The starting point of the 52 paintings will be Lyngsb├Žk beach at the edge of the National Mountains of Mols where the artist resides.

But why limit yourself to paint motives from the same beach for a whole year? Well, the answer to this question can oddly enough be found in the urge to travel that perhaps particularly artists often feel. Yes many feel a longing to get away from the familiar surroundings. A longing to meet new worlds and new people. For artists, it is a desire to travel in order to find new inspiration - for new ideas that can provide the basis for new works, whether in the case of the musician, poet or painter. Study journeys have always been enjoyed by artists.

Ken Zier have traveled and exhibited in many countries in recent years and are well aware of the urge to go abroad. Despite this, he believes that our constant quest to travel away might have got a bit out of hand. We need to stop and rediscover the beauty of our backyard, or at our local beach. Out of this thought came the idea of the project One Man One Beach and is intended as an artistic homage to a small spot in the National Mountains of Mols.

There may exists more beautiful beaches and landscapes than this little spot of nature. But in reality the place or the subject may not be the most important factor in painting. Of course, for a marine artist he must be near the sea, but otherwise more important is the process of letting a random spot be the focal point of an artist's work for a year, with the seasonal changes and the variety of the weather being the challenge and inspiration.

The project has begun in mid august 2012 and can the next year be followed on this website. A new painting will be added weekly with a little comment on the subject. Week by week, the project will grow and eventually will be published as a book by the end of 2013.
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